Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FM Cosmetics Business Opportunities

FM Cosmetics Business Opportunities

FM Cosmetics is looking for people like you. People who are willing to learn, develop new skills, and
reach new horizons. FM Cosmetics can help you change your lifestyle. It is already operating in a global market and it continues to expand across the world to provide you with a real opportunity to be successful and achieve your personal and financial goals.

FM Cosmetics is already in several countries. The perfumes and cosmetics industry is growing at a high pace and our exclusive European products give you the competitive edge to reach success because they deliver high-quality at an affordable price

Starting your own business for the first time can be scary, that's why we have a team of successful
professionals with years of experience who will teach you how to be successful in FM Cosmetics. With FM Cosmetics you have your own business, but you're not alone. When you join the FM Cosmetics family all you need to do is follow our advice to proven success.

The best thing about having your business with FM Cosmetics is that there are many ways to generate
money. The following is just a small list of the options available to you:

Retail Sales - Invite family, friends, and colleagues to trying our products. They will be pleasantly

FM Cosmetics products are affordable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day,
Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or just to say 'I love you'.

Host a Perfume Party at Home – This is one of the most effective and entertaining ways to generate sales and to build a customer base.

It is very important to know that the best way to succeed with FM Cosmetics is to help others succeed!

That's why we want to support you and we will do everything possible to provide you with the training, help and encouragement that you need to start your own business and achieve success.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interesting Facts about the World of Perfumes

Interesting Facts about the World of Perfumes 

Imperial Majesty

Life is full of strange and interesting things.  And the world of perfumes is no exception; in this post we'll tell you some of the most interesting and extravagant things about perfumes.  We hope that you find its content entertaining and that it helps you show off your extensive knowledge of the world of perfumes. 
The origin of the word perfume - The word perfume is derived from the Latin “per fumum” meaning “through smoke.” Perfumes date as far back as the Stone Age when men burned aromatic woods and herbs to praise their gods.  

The Egyptians were the first civilization to master the art of perfume-making. Evidence of their practice of this craft was confirmed when the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was opened and archeologists found more than 3000 bottles of perfumes. 
Of all the fragrances that exist today, the oldest one is "Eau de Cologne 4711."  It was created in 1796 and it’s considered to have been the first unisex perfume in the world. It was used by Napoleon I and his beloved Josephine. 
Did you know that women from Spain are the European population who use the most perfume?  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the French.  Spanish women rank first followed by the Italians and the French. 

Hard to believe, but there are countries in Asia where people do not use any perfume at all.  Different, right?  

The world's most expensive perfume is Imperial Majesty, a limited edition fragrance for women by British designer Clive Christian.  Sold simply as No. 1, it costs the incredible amount of $249,034.40 USD and it’s only sold in an exclusive department store in New York. But don’t worry, if you really want to get your hands on this perfume, there is also an economic version.  The designer provides a small 1 ounce bottle for just $2,043.36 USD. 
Imperial Majesty was originally created in 1872, at the request of Queen Victoria of England, and was considered a gem.  As a result, ladies would wear its container around their neck for everyone to see.  It takes one year to manufacture it and approximately two hundred ingredients including Indian sandalwood, Arabic jasmine, Tahitian vanilla, and a variety of roses from countries such as France, Bulgaria and Egypt. 

Its bottle is also the most expensive of the world.  Made of Baccarat crystal, this piece of art is also an exclusive limited edition.  It holds 500 ml. of the precious perfume, includes white diamonds around its collar, and its cap is a replica of Queen Victoria’s crown.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Have you ever asked yourself what kind of perfume is best for you best based on your zodiac sign?
Here’s a list to answer all your questions.

Aries: Scents of lavender and basil.

Taurus: Scents of roses and acidic fragrances.

Gemini: Dry fragrances and perfumes that are bitter with aggressive notes.

Cancer: Scent of lilacs, sandalwood and amber.

Leo: Scent of amber and jasmine. The use of fruity aromas is not recommended.

Virgo: Scent of jacinth, lavender and roses. Dry and strong tones on males and females of this sign are
seductive and enigmatic.

Libra: Strong notes with dry accents are recommended to enhance your personality.

Scorpio: Scents of roses and jasmine. Subtle and dry notes are recommended.

Sagittarius: Scents of cinnamon, ash and lavender.

Capricorn: Scents of roses, narcissus and violet, and jacinth perfumes. Capricorns should wear dry notes
and strong aromas like their personalities.

Aquarius: Scents of ash, rose and lilacs. Aromas for creams and deodorants should be strong.

Pisces: Scents of jasmine, sandalwood and roses

Now it’s your turn to find out if your current perfume belongs to the right fragrance family for you
according to your zodiac sign. You should also find out what’s the best match for that special someone
in your life.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Applying perfume is usually your final touch before a night in the town. Think about it… you put on your clothes, apply makeup, you fix your hair, and right before you‘re ready to walk out, you add your final touch by applying perfume.

However, not too long after you’ve left your place, you realize that your perfume is beginning to fade.
What happened? More than likely you only sprayed it in couple of random places rather than applying
it in specific areas of your body. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your perfume, keep
reading and we’ll tell you how to make your scents last for hours.

Let’s begin with a quick chemistry and anatomy class. Perfumes have three basic components: water,
alcohol and oils. Oils are the elements that give it its scent and as water and alcohol evaporate, they
slowly release the scent from the oils. Now for the anatomy part, there are areas on your body that
produce higher amounts of body heat, and these areas are aid in the evaporation process of water and

Now that you are a chemistry and anatomy whiz, I’m sure you were able to put two and two together… you want to apply perfume in the parts of your body that produce higher body heat. These areas are behind your ears, the back and sides of your neck, the inside of your wrists, and the crook of your elbows.

Another tip is to apply lotion on these areas before you apply the perfume. The lotion should be
unscented or of the same scent of your perfume. Wait a couple of minutes for the lotion to dry and
then apply the perfume. This technique helps your body absorb the oils from the perfume and make the scent last for hours.

The best time to apply perfume is right after taking a shower. This is because your skin absorbs more of the oils when it’s wet. You should also apply a few drops of perfume on your hair when it’s wet. Your hair will absorb the scents and it will not suffer any damage!

If you want your perfume to last even longer, apply it to the garments that you will be wearing. This
technique works better if you apply it on natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. Just be careful! Only
apply perfume to garments that you wash frequently and only use one perfume per garment, otherwise
you risk the possibility of mixing scents and that’s not too pretty.

It’s important that you use perfume on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with having a scent for
your daytime activities and different scent for special occasions at night. You will not get bored of
the aromas and you will notice their scents even more. Just remember that perfumes smell best
when used in reasonable doses. Applying too much will result in overuse of the product and create an
overpowering tone of the perfume.

Last but not least, change your perfume according to the seasons. Choose subtle scents during the fall
and strong scents during the summer.