Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Have you ever asked yourself what kind of perfume is best for you best based on your zodiac sign?
Here’s a list to answer all your questions.

Aries: Scents of lavender and basil.

Taurus: Scents of roses and acidic fragrances.

Gemini: Dry fragrances and perfumes that are bitter with aggressive notes.

Cancer: Scent of lilacs, sandalwood and amber.

Leo: Scent of amber and jasmine. The use of fruity aromas is not recommended.

Virgo: Scent of jacinth, lavender and roses. Dry and strong tones on males and females of this sign are
seductive and enigmatic.

Libra: Strong notes with dry accents are recommended to enhance your personality.

Scorpio: Scents of roses and jasmine. Subtle and dry notes are recommended.

Sagittarius: Scents of cinnamon, ash and lavender.

Capricorn: Scents of roses, narcissus and violet, and jacinth perfumes. Capricorns should wear dry notes
and strong aromas like their personalities.

Aquarius: Scents of ash, rose and lilacs. Aromas for creams and deodorants should be strong.

Pisces: Scents of jasmine, sandalwood and roses

Now it’s your turn to find out if your current perfume belongs to the right fragrance family for you
according to your zodiac sign. You should also find out what’s the best match for that special someone
in your life.