Monday, April 2, 2012

Your perfume and your personality

Is it true that floral aromas best suit blondes while warm and exotic notes best suit brunettes? And that colognes are best for brown haired women?

So what is the right perfume for you? If you do not know, we'll give you some simple but sound advice to help you choose one according to your style and personality.

If your style is classic, you normally wear suits, collared shirts, straight pants and your favorite shoes is a pair of comfortable moccasins, your ideal perfume would be one with a classic aroma blended with wood, floral, and oriental notes such as the FM 319.

If you like sports, enjoy taking on personal challenges, get pleasure from the outdoors and nature, a perfume suitable for you would be one with citrus and herbal notes such as the FM 313.

If you are a modern woman who enjoys changing it up and mixing up styles and your closet is full of casual clothes with colorful prints, a perfume suitable for you would be one with warm aromas blended with exotic notes such as the FM 192.

If you are an enigmatic and mysterious woman who loves fantasy and enjoys being by herself, you are best suited by fruit fragrances, as well as the green and transparent floral scents such as the FM 312.

If your closet is full of jeans, shirts, light dresses in warm colors, flat shoes and sandals, and you wear your hair loose, you should choose fresh fragrances with notes of moss and fragrances blended with floral notes that suggest emotions, feelings and spiritual well being such as the FM 322.

A seductive and sexy woman who is confident on her ability to charm any man should always choose a perfume with fruit notes, such as orange, peach, apple, and plum, or sweet aromas that induce emotions such as the FM 309.

If you are an optimistic person who is cheerful and you always have a smile on your face, your ideal perfume is one with a floral scent that is velvety and fresh at the same time such as the FM 321.

FM Cosmetics offers an entire range of perfumes and gives you plenty of options to help you choose the one that best matches your personality and your lifestyle.

Now ... How to choose?

Do not wear any fragrance on the day you plan to buy your perfume. This will prevent you from altering the scents of the perfumes that you test.

Test only two or three perfumes at a time. After smelling several scents, you lose your sense of smell and the scents get blended.

Never smell a perfume directly from its container. Instead, spray a little in the air and smell. You can also spray it on your wrists, but do not rub it because you can change the aroma of the perfume and you’ll make it evaporate faster.

Do not commit the common error of buying a perfume because you like how it smells on someone else. The same perfume can smell different from person to person as a result of each individual’s personal chemistry, the pH of the skin, and body temperature.

Buy a perfume only when you feel that its aroma complements your personality, harmonizes with you, and feel like it blends with your skin.

A perfume is personal form of communication that constantly sends a message and at the same time reveals many aspects of your personality. You will be remembered by many people by the smell of your perfume, choose it carefully.

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  1. Great job u guys really knows ur scents, checked out the 321 and its aroma was really 4 me, thanks 4 the info this will surely help me with my sales.